Why choose Provider Risk for your Stop Loss Reinsurance needs?

 implied expert guiding a client through it successfully

We are Stop Loss brokers and consultants.

We are currently seeing rates vary by more than 100 percent for identical coverage with "A" excellent bond rated carriers. This variation is indicative of a market in transition -- a transition which can translate into large savings for you when you have expert help in making your stop loss reinsurance decisions. And as prices for reinsurance rise, the importance of making the right choice of reinsurance coverage becomes all the more important.

Provider Risk remains one of only a few specialized brokers in medical stop loss, reinsurance, employer self funding, self insured health plans, HMO reinsurance, and provider excess loss. We put in the time to understand what each client needs so that they can be certain they are receiving the right coverage for their exposure at the best program cost.

From startup medical provider organization, to privately labeled community health plans, Provider Risk stays up with the latest legal and financial changes in the managed care field. Provider Risk has the industry contacts and experience to write stop loss or reinsurance coverage around most medical or pharmacy plan risk being covered.

So relax. And leave your Reinsurance problems to us.